September 3, 2016

Abunai! 2016 - Beyond the Stars

I finally have a blog post for you guys again! Last weekend was a three day convention called Abunai! It's the closest convention to my place so I love going there. It was very hot that weekend though and I seem to still be getting lost in the hallways, but there were also positive things about the convention of course! I went all three days, the Friday wasn't too interesting but the Saturday on the other hand was a lot of fun.

June 18, 2016

Animecon 2016 - All Aboard!

Last weekend I attended another anime convention, this time it was Animecon which is the biggest one we have over here. Or at least from the ones that are anime / Japanese related, not sure if Dutch Comic Con is bigger or not, but oh well. I only went one day because I didn't have enough money for a hotel and I wouldn't have a place to stay at either but I am hoping I'll be able to go the whole weekend next year! Zoe and I went pretty early because she walked in the Jfashion show which was around 12 o'clock.

June 4, 2016

Squeekers 2016

Last weekend I visited a small convention called Squeekers, I went there to take photos for AVO Blog. As we all know, smaller conventions are often a pain to get to as most of them are in places that are more difficult to get to. Because both my train and bus had a delay I ended up arriving an hour later than I had planned. Apparently the program wasn't the same anymore either as there had been some changes, so I was a little confused at first.

May 15, 2016

Small Update

I decided to write this post so that you guys know why I will be uploading less from now on. I still really enjoy writing posts and taking photos for my blog so don't worry, I will still be around!

First of all I've emailed Klenspop and told them that I don't have the time to review their lenses anymore. I have written quite some reviews for their lenses so now that I won't be writing any anymore I will have less content to post. They have always been kind and quick in response, so if you ever need a pair of lenses don't hesitate to visit their shop!

Secondly, like I already mentioned, I have been quite busy lately. I have a full time job, am often away during the weekends, and am busy looking for a new apartment while slowly getting rid of all the things I wouldn't need in my new house. Hopefully it'll all calm down once I've finally found something, it might take three months but it also might take a year though.

And lastly, I decided to go for quality over quantity. I used to be focused on getting one post up per week and because I didn't always have enough content I started writing random posts as well which I personally didn't like. I'd like my blog's theme to be lifestyle and upload something photography related and personal once in a while as well.